I’m Tolga, an engineer with over 15+ years of experiences in wide range of designs.

I think that it is not enough to just write about my experiences to describe my abilities When what I want to do makes me curious and excited I do it eventually.

Experiences and skills can be taught, personality is innate. I prefer to keep learning, keep challenging myself, and do exciting things that interest me.



I design and code of; Electronic hardwares (PCB design), Firmware softwares (C/C++ for Microchip PICs, Arduino and ESP), Embedded linux systems, Android applications.

Because of my responsibilities, I have good experiences with MySQL database management and design, Frontend and backend coding with PHP, Java, JavaScript, JQuery, React, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, Design and communicate with SOAP/REST web services and web servers, Apache server installation, security and management, Bind DNS, Exim4, Spamassasin, ClamAV, Fail2Ban and I am in love with Linux OS.



My journey as a tech-geek started with the Commodore 64 that my dad bought when I was 8 years old.

While my friends wanted to play games with me on Commodore64, I read the Basic64 programming language book and wrote our family’s phone book program, in which you saved the changes on tape. Nobody told me to do this in 1990. Nobody in Turkey knew anything about Bill Gates or Steve Jobs.

I met IBM PC in 1998. Even now I can’t believe what I did with the BAT files. Since no one has experience in using computers, I designed BAT files that create a boot options for people’s usage needs with gui.

I have a father with incredible foresight who helped me a lot in choosing my career. After that I got my bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.



I don’t know if experiences and abilities can be put into writing. If you learned how to be an engineer right, you can learn anything you need.


My experience starting with PHP 5 has been going on for over 12 years. I have applications and libraries that I have written myself consisting of hundreds of thousands of lines.


After I started working with the Linux operating system in 2010, I met Java to run the applications I designed with Delphi on the Linux operating system. Since then, I have been coding with pleasure.

Android Applications/Build/HW design

The development of mobile technologies in 2014 excited me. My journey with Android started by downloading the Android SDK 2016, which is close to Java. Besides developing applications with Android, I also built my own android image. I still continue to develop applications and hardware with Android.

Linux Build/Server/Embedded

As a hardware manufacturer, I am tired of trying to be compatible with the Windows operating system that changes every year. As a hardware manufacturer, I am tired of trying to be compatible with the Windows operating system that changes every year. I met Linux in 2010. Freedom to use the sentence “How can I do this” instead of “Can I do this?”

C/C++/Assembly for Microcontrollers and HW design

I have been designing PCBs since the day I graduated from university. My design experience, which started with 8bit PIC16F84 microcontrollers, still continues with the same excitement and new technologies.
I am programming Microchip Pic, Atmel, Arduino and ESP microcontrollers with using C++ language. I give life to my firmwares with my electronic card designs.

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, React

Working with PHP is unthinkable without HTML. I prepare powerful user interfaces for my software built with PHP, using Java, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, CSS and HTML. I have very good experience with JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap and CSS. Following the popularity of Angular and React, I am updating my old apps to new apps with modern UI.


A useful application that works without a database relationship is impossible.. I have been managing my applications with databases since 2008. I’ve been using MySQL and MariaDB database since 2012. I have good experience in database architecture of applications. I have been developing database setups for my applications that have hundreds of tables which can process millions of data for years.

I’m looking for

I am currently working on development requests for software and hardware belonging to my own companies and freelance projects.

I want to use my free time in other exciting projects where I can practice my profession