QMS core application for ARM platforms


Main application of the queue management system for linux single board computers (such as Raspberry Pi, Thinkerboard, Odroid, BananaPi…).

The software performs;

  • Communications with hardwares via RS485 serial communication and IEEE 802.11 WiFi,
  • MySQL database transactions,
  • Managing customer interactions with system via touch screens or push buttons,
  • Ticket distribution with thermal line printer,
  • Managing and driving ECSPOS printers with serial communication
  • Managing queues and customer flows,
  • Communications with external web services,
  • Managing online appointments,
  • Managing peripherals such as thermal printers, touch screen, buttons, led displays…
  • Application licensing and demo management,
  • Customer user interface management and handling user interactions,
  • Communicating unlimited hardware with my private RS485 communication algorithm,
  • TCP/IP socket communications and socket server,
  • Multi language support,
  • Ticket template management for printed tickets,
  • Text to speech management for announced tickets,
  • SMS and E-mail sending,
  • Hardware monitoring,
  • One click backup and restore,
Total line:


Java SE

Project start






Developed project files

Line count, 		File name
   439 			./qsmart_b2/qsmart_IVR.java
    78 			./qsmart_b2/Qsmart_AudioPlayer.java
   183 			./qsmart_b2/Qsmart_dsi_FX.java
  1543 			./qsmart_b2/System_operations_FX.java
   758 			./qsmart_b2/Qsmart_virtualserver_FX.java
   163 			./qsmart_b2/print_ticket.java
   279 			./qsmart_b2/qsmart_curwe_FX.java
   152 			./qsmart_b2/mysql_connection.java
   159 			./qsmart_b2/language.java
   372 			./qsmart_b2/qsmart_timing_operations_FX.java
   241 			./qsmart_b2/comport.java
   141 			./qsmart_b2/Qsmart_operator_FX.java
   582 			./qsmart_b2/Qsmart_terminal_FX.java
  3573 			./qsmart_b2/Qsmart_B2.java
   305 			./qsmart_b2/Qsmart_indicator_FX.java
   729 			./qsmart_b2/Ticket_operations_FX.java
   514 			./qsmart_b2/Np_printer_fx.java
 10211 total