QMS Core Application for Raspberry Pi


Main application of the queue management system for Raspberry Pi single board computers. It is minimized version of IBM PC queue management system core application.

The software performs;

  • Communications with hardwares via RS485 serial communication and IEEE 802.11 WiFi,
  • MySQL database transactions,
  • Managing customer interactions with system via touch screens or push buttons,
  • Ticket distribution with thermal line printer,
  • Managing and driving ECSPOS printers with serial communication
  • Managing queues and customer flows,
  • Communications with external web services,
  • Managing online appointments,
  • Managing peripherals such as thermal printers, touch screen, buttons, led displays…
  • Application licensing and demo management,
  • Customer user interface management and handling user interactions,
  • Communicating unlimited hardware with my private RS485 communication algorithm,
  • TCP/IP socket communications and socket server,
  • Multi language support,
  • Ticket template management for printed tickets,
Total line:


Java SE

Project start



End of life



Developed project files

Line count, 		File name
    75 			./Qsmart_dsi_FX.java
  1271 			./System_operations_FX.java
   624 			./Qsmart_virtualserver_FX.java
   144 			./print_ticket.java
   152 			./mysql_connection.java
   150 			./language.java
   212 			./qsmart_timing_operations_FX.java
   241 			./comport.java
   133 			./Qsmart_operator_FX.java
   550 			./Qsmart_terminal_FX.java
   290 			./Qsmart_indicator_FX.java
   544 			./Ticket_operations_FX.java
  2172 			./Qsmart_C2.java
   421 			./Np_printer_fx.java
  6979 total